Welcome to the new web site for the Rose Croix District of West Kent and thank you to those Brethren who have worked so hard to make it happen.


Although the Order is generally known as the ‘Rose Croix’ it is properly known as the Ancient & Accepted Rite which is made up of 33 degrees of which the Rose Croix is the 18th. Click on the HISTORY tab above to find out more.


At the moment there are 14 Chapters in the District of West Kent and full details of these Chapters and their meeting places can be found by clicking on the CHAPTERS tab above.


The Rose Croix is a ‘Christian’ Order and the emphasis is on Brethren who profess the ‘Trinitarian Christian Faith’ and who have been Master Masons for at least a year. Please don’t be confused by the reference to ‘Trinitarian’, it refers to the Holy Trinity which is at the heart of all mainstream Christianity and is, in no way, anything different or radical.


All are welcome who are of the Christian Faith and who seek friendliness, companionship and integrity and who will appreciate a ‘beautiful and thought provoking ceremony’.


I think it is worth saying that few who join ever resign and the proportion of members who attend every meeting is very high indeed.


This is the most friendly and caring of Orders and one that I have loved from the very start. I heartily recommend it to you!


If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact our District Recorder (Secretary), Robert Jones or any local Chapter through its own Recorder. 


Graham Higgs


V Ill Bro Graham C Higgs, 33°

Inspector General – West Kent